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The Mitsubishi Bravo was launched in January 1989 being a non-commercial version of the Minicab. Mitsubishi describe the styling as an "Aero Spindle Shape" which according to Mitsubishi that means it takes it's styling cues from a water droplet (this isn't a joke either, Mitsubishi even confirm this). The Bravo came with a panoramic roof with three different segments the front tilt-up glass roof, sliding rear glass roof and a power operated Aero Roof. The Bravo also came with a passenger seat that could rotate 180° and double cushioned rear seats, The Bravo also came with an illuminated rear step to access the rear seats. The Bravo came with a new 4-valve engine and a DOHC 5-valve intercooled turbo engine found in the Minica. The Bravo came with fulltime 4WD unlike it's commercial brother the Minicab.