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The Minica was launched in February 1984, it featured a FF layout. The layout meant that the cabin could be more spacious than the previous Minica's. Mitsubishi refers to the styling as "Sneaker-box styling" and used the styling as one of it's selling points. The 5th generation Minica was also the first Minica with a 5-door option and it was also the first Minica to have front MacPherson strut front and 3-link rear suspension also used on later generations of the Minica. The Minica was also powered by a new 546cc engine also used on the 6th generation from 1989-1990. In September 1985 Mitsubishi released a part-time 4WD option, In April 1986 Mitsubishi released a canvas top option and in 1987 they released a fulltime 4WD Minica. In 1988 Mitsubishi released the Turbo ZEO model made to compete with the Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Turbo and the Suzuki Alto Works. The Minica was mainly purchased by young families and women. By the end of a 5 year production over 820,000 units were made.