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The Minica was released in January 1989. The Minica was designed with the input of 350 women because at the time 60 percent of the Kei Jidosha market buyers were women. This generation of Minica was alot more round and modern compared to the very boxy previous generation. This generation of Minica came with a 3-Door, a 5-Door and a 1:2 door marketed as the Minica Lettuce. a 1:2 door is where two doors are on the passenger side and one on the drivers side making it safer for young children to get out of the vehicle. The Minica Dangan was the first DOHC 5-valve intercooled turbo engine joined by many other models with fulltime 4WD with a hydraulic coupling unit also being a first. In 1990 when the 660cc era rolled around Mitsubishi didn't make a new engine as the Minica was designed before the changes and used the previous Minica engine, instead they bored out the cylinders and a longer stroke to increase the displacement to 660cc. The Dangan was given the engine change in August of that year. 800cc versions were sold outside of Japan and the Minica was known in the Philippines as the Chrysler Minica.