The Minica Toppo was introduced in March 1990 using the new Minica generation introduced in January 1989. In March 1990 the Kei Jidosha regulations were revised making it so cars could have 660cc engines and were allowed to be 100mm longer. The Minica Toppo were one of the first kei cars with a "high boxy" shape. The Minica Toppo also had an asymmetrical door design with the drivers door being smaller than the passenger door, this was so owners could access the rear of the vehicle easier than the normal Minica. The Minica Toppo came with many interior extras like the overhead shelf compartment useful for storing small items. The rear hatch swings open sideways rather than upwards. The Minica Toppo also had some design quirks (Yes Doug, you heard that right) like triangular door handles and white bumpers, The Minica Toppo also had a parcel delivery variant and a food delivery variant.