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The Minicab was introduced in January 1991, The Minicab came in a van and truck versions. The Minicab was built to be reliable and easy to use in a commercial environment. Due to the 660cc are this was the first Minicab to have a 657cc engine as the previous generation had a 546cc engine and it was also it was 100mm longer than the previous Minicab. The Minicab had hydraulic power steering and a retractable rear step for the van models making it user friendly for drivers, instead of a retractable rear step the truck had a lower bed making it easier to put carry into the bed. The Minicab had an option to come with part-time 4WD with an auto freewheeling unit like an original Land Rover, The driver of the vehicle could change from 4WD to 2WD if they have gone for the part-time 4WD unit.

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